why patreon should’ve been audience-first (not creator-first)

Being an audience-first platform will help:
  1. encourage creator discovery by leveraging the demand-side (paying audience).
  2. reduce unwanted friction to support creators (such as multiple membership tiers, which is extra work for creators & high decision fatigue for supporters). Patreon is wrongly inspired by the crowdfunding model of Kickstarter.
  3. introduce integrations and tools for creators (for eg, a paywall equivalent for small publishers), and therefore act as a single sign-on for audience to access paywall-ed content everywhere.
  4. drive the subscription prices down as the supporter volume increase. Currently, it is a high fixed cost to set up paywalls and other membership tools, and creators/publishers are forced to squeeze more juice out of paying audience.
  5. offer a superior UX for the audience and eventually become mobile-first.
idk, it sounds too obvious, maybe something is fundamentally wrong with the way I think.

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