Here are some tools I use and recommend to my geeky friends (productivity apps mostly):

  • Things 3 as calendar, to-do list and planner. Keeps my head light and clear.
  • Trello Notion as a personal knowledge base, and for team collaboration.
  • SuperHuman for email.
  • Bose to avoid distraction at work.
  • Casts app to listen to podcasts. My favourite shows? Exponent and Masters of Scale.
  • Slack Fleep for team communication. (edit: back to slack. love the bots)
  • Audible for I am a big fan of audiobooks.
  • HeadSpace Calm app to meditate.
  • AutoSleep to automatically track my sleep using Apple watch. Works like magic.
  • Bear App to write.
  • Streaks because it’s a cute little app to help form new habits. Also because I believe in the power of habit.
  • WhatRuns to ‘know’ websites I visit; and because we built it 🤷

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