The Magnitude / Life Is Short

Happy New Year all!

Here’s a crazy thought that might help cheer up your year ahead.

Human life is ridiculously short to savour the magnitude of what the world actually has to offer.

Let’s say, there are at least a thousand supremely great movies to watch, and thousands (if not tens of thousands) of great books to indulge in. Hundreds of genius musicians to listen to, on a wide range of genres and languages. Nearly 200 countries to live in, and even Space if time and technology permits. Thousands of great paintings and artefacts that would blow you away. Countless cuisines and drinks that you will give your life for if you ever get a chance to taste them. (And of course, so many other levels of enrichments that I missed mentioning because I’m oblivious to). And god-knows-how-many kinds of people to meet and share all this!

So much to do, so little time. Only I’m not sure if this is a beautiful thought, or rather a very depressing one.



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