I have always fantasised living alone. And I thought it was because I find myself interesting (like any other narcissistic might say; and I’ve read somewhere that people who like to spend alone time are the ones who have all the interesting thoughts in the world) or because everyone else around me turns out to be uninteresting.

But contemplating on the matter lately did help me realise something else. I realised its more because of how less I want to bother (or lets say, pester) someone, which is inevitable when that *someone is around you all the time. I’m talking parents and close friends. Even a potential wife in the future. P.S I love all these people I’m talking about – so much.

People are (or eventually become) selfish, arrogant and most of the time, plain boring (so pessimistic of me, you might think). Maybe that defines human being. But I cannot seem to tolerate those features on anyone else but me. Well, that ironically is because I’m selfish too. I always look at married couples with great surprise. I have come to understand that I can’t even stand the thought of being part of a social concept called marriage; for tolerating another human being for a lifetime (and for having someone to tolerate me) is beyond my endurance. Having said that, I’m not sure about what’s going to happen next. Well, who is?

Another thing I have noticed is how gratified I feel being alone; especially when I go with a bottle of beer or indulge in a long ride. I feel myself. Paramount, I feel no obligation to entertain any one else. I’m not saying I do not enjoy having a good company; but I feel all the more happy without them too, which is so unlike most out there.

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