My respects to Avijit Roy

Attackers in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka have stabbed to death (with machetes!) an atheist US-Bangladeshi blogger (and his wife left seriously injured) whose writings on atheism angered Islamist hardliners!

I have never been so furious and irritated in my entire life.

I have always criticised and condemned religions and all these unreasonable atrocities. However from now on, I declare my personal war against it. Through whatever medium and reach I shall have, I will fight against it – alongside those numerous freethinkers and humanists who would fight until those animals kill the last thinking person. After that, we all know, our world wouldn’t be worth living at all.

It’s not just about Islam. It’s more about faith. And because the followers of Islam are apparently the more faithful, the more dangerous they are.  What our world need is a thinking set of people. At least people who are reasonable enough to stick their Gods up their own asses, and not somebody else’s. Only then will humanity achieve what it ultimately require – peace and freedom.


Avijit Roy was a well-paid software engineer in US. If he came back to his homeland and fought amidst all the threats he received, it was for a better world – and not for a fucking heaven. People like him make our world a heaven.

My heartfelt condolences and solidarity.

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