Good Morning Reddit

My Facebook friends might have already known from my recent status update about how much of a Reddict ( addict) I am. I start my day browsing the Reddit homepage, which self-proclaims as ‘the front page of the internet’, and updates with the latest reads that tops the topics that interests me. i.e music, books, literature (how about a refreshing poem to start a day?), atheism, football (I dare not call it soccer, unlike Reddit. Cons of being an american website) and so on. Reddit is all about healthy discussions and debates and trolls and jokes on literally everything. Spend some time there, if you haven’t yet, and see it for yourself.


Lately, whatever I feel like to write, like if I was disappointed with the latest Big Bang Theory episode (I really am), I go straight to Redditors and join the discussion, where I find thousands of like-minded discussing how badly we need the show to stop airing. What else would make me feel better?

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