creator economy — distribution and monetization

Once upon a time, success of creators were more or less based on lucky breaks. It could be a viral video, or being the first 100 of a new platform (vine). It was hard to maintain a loyal following as an indie artist. That is so not the case anymore. Plethora of platforms like Tumblr, podcasts, Instagram, Youtube etc helped creators build a loyal following, which is their’s to keep and nurture. However, the way they monetise their content has not changed much probably for the last couple of decades. It very much revolve around ads and brand promotions. If the distribution is figured, why hasn’t monetisation evolved so much? Even crowdfunding hasn’t changed a lot in the past decade or so (ever since it was invented). I don’t have a proper answer to this. Maybe because ads turned out to be so profitable for platforms and aggregators that they decided to make it the de facto monetisation method? Maybe they realised (correctly) that taking a piece of creator-supporter pie would be much harder than taking a bigger cut of ad revenue? In a creator-supporter relationship, the role for middle man is fairly low – probably that? I don’t know, I think it’s crazy.

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