Here are some tools I use and recommend to my geeky friends (productivity apps mostly):

  • Things 3 as calendar, to-do list and planner. Keeps my head light and clear.
  • Trello Notion as a personal knowledge base, and for team collaboration.
  • SuperHuman for email.
  • Bose to avoid distraction at work.
  • Casts app to listen to podcasts. My favourite shows? Exponent and Masters of Scale.
  • Slack Fleep for team communication. (edit: back to slack. love the bots)
  • Audible for I am a big fan of audiobooks.
  • HeadSpace Calm app to meditate.
  • AutoSleep to automatically track my sleep using Apple watch. Works like magic.
  • Bear App to write.
  • Streaks because it’s a cute little app to help form new habits. Also because I believe in the power of habit.
  • WhatRuns to ‘know’ websites I visit; and because we built it 🤷

I will (probably) restart blogging

I have added a new sidebar description and everything.

Do the hard stuff

It’s easy to eat all we want. It’s hard to workout regularly and be in shape.

It’s easy to spend and shop recklessly. It’s hard to manage financials and spend wisely.

It’s relatively easy to study a subject, get a job, and make a living out of it. It’s hard to take calculated risks and build a business / be self-employed / be in a scientific pursuit / be best at what you do.

It’s easy to quote great people or to share an uninformed opinion. It’s hard to comprehend major books, articles and documentaries on the subject and be in the position to share an informed opinion.

It’s easy to believe in gods, myths and superstitions. It’s hard to think rationally for oneself.

Do the hard stuff.