An appreciation of the internet

Those people who think a person will not be well-informed without reading newspapers and watching daily news on TV should understand one simple fact. TV and newspapers are mass-media. They make average stuff for average people to promote it to everyone (mass audience).

There’s a reason why anthropologists think our generation is the most advanced and thinking sets of people that ever lived on the face of the earth (yet). We became a part of the internet revolution. TV was invented so that marketers can run ads. Magazines sell so that they can sell ads or a viewpoint. Internet is not like that. It was invented to share information.

I personally have not come across anything more enlightening than some threads at – a website where anybody can share anything. But guess what – that anybody includes Barack Obama and Bill Gates. Imagine common people getting a chance to converse with the greatest ones without any barriers. What possibly could be more enlightening? Reddit also witnesses some of the brilliant yet healthiest conversations on just about everything from atheism to zionism. And all this is just about Reddit, which is just a minor part of what Internet actually has to offer. Such is the impact of Internet.

And it will thrive. For a better world.

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