About Jijo Sunny



Jijo Sunny made his first online presence when he was 12. He used to run two internet marketing blogs, KISSWebmaster and Mextena, both of which made into the top 15k websites in the world according to Alexa. He later shut them down due to niche saturation (even beginners was writing about making money online). He then became top WarriorForum WSO seller, selling 300+ money-making autoblogs for $70 a blog. Sad part – when it reached a stage where he could no longer handle the orders, he started failing to deliver on time and eventually ended up earning a bad rep. He stopped accepting orders and wrote an ebook on the same topic, which immediately became a success and made into the WarriorPlus top 5 ebooks of that month, selling 500+ copies (both via forum and directly).

At his age of 15, using all the fund he earned at WF, he founded AdIndigo, a contextual advertising network originally introduced as an alternative to Google Adsense. Although it got pushed aside because of competing directly with Google’s Adsense, it wasn’t before reaching a point of serving 6 million ad impressions a month. Publishers loved it. AdIndigo couldn’t maintain the equilibrium between advertisers and publishers. Didn’t raise any funding. Had to shut down as soon as I burned through my hard-earned cash.

After AdIndigo, he went on to create a network of content sites and blogs (partially inspired by the success of Demand Media). He founded Minimalister Network LLP with it’s new office in Hilite Business Park, Calicut. Minimalister’s network of websites, youtube channels and mobile applications now receives north of 8 million unique visitors a month.

While he is not researching new markets to expand his content network, you’ll find him working on his new ad tech startup.


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