Hi there!

I’m an Internet entrepreneur who founded Minimalister and several other startups. Minimalister is an internet services and content company behind several SaaS products and a content network with a monthly audience of more than 17 million.

Currently, I’m working on (1) a SaaS for web publishers, (2) a new kind of news app and (3) a competitor analysis and sales prospecting software. (I know what you are thinking. But guess what – a computer programmer is out there building an electric car company (Tesla), space transport company (SpaceX) and a neurotechnology company (Neuralink) all at once; and I can’t build a couple of piece of software?)

I publish short blog posts here on diverse topics (which I am not very proud of), and share movie and book reviews on my IMDB and Goodreads accounts. I have published some of my backpacking stories on my Instagram. And I travel quite much.

You can connect with me via traditional EmailTwitterFacebookLinkedIn and AngelList. My email is mail at jijo dot me. I look at every email.


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