Hey, I’m Jijo!

I’m a beginner maker. I helped build BuyMeACoffee.com (10k+ creators) and WhatRuns.com (100k+ developers and designers). Say hello: jijo [at] minimalister.com, LinkedIn or Twitter. I reply to all emails.

 I publish short blog posts here on diverse topics (which I am not very proud of) and share movie and book reviews on my IMDB and Goodreads accounts. I have published some of my backpacking stories on my Instagram. And I travel quite much.


Enough about me. Here’s something that might be useful for you. Some tools I use and recommend to my geeky friends (productivity apps mostly):

  • Things 3 as calendar, to-do list and planner. I like to keep my head light and clear.
  • Bose QC35Brain.fm to avoid distraction at work.
  • Streaks because it’s a cute little app to help form new habits. Also because I believe in the power of habit.
  • Trello for organising my work, and team collaboration.
  • Slack Fleep for team communication. (edit: back to slack)
  • Audible for I am a big fan of audiobooks.
  • Casts app to listen to podcasts.
  • HeadSpace Calm app to meditate.
  • AutoSleep to automatically track my sleep using Apple watch. Works like magic.
  • Bear App to write.
  • WhatRuns to ‘know’ websites I visit; and because we built it.

In case you’re wondering – yes, I am a productivity enthusiast and use all these tools almost religiously. It gets shit done.

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